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Create a Course

To create a new course, log in to your account and click the Create Course link in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

  1. You will have three options; Create New Course, Copy Course, and Import Course. Select, Create New Course.
  2. Enter a course number. This can also be a word or string of characters, which will be added to the beginning of the course's name when displayed.
  3. Enter a course name (e.g. Introduction to Learning Management Systems).
  4. Optionally, include an External ID. This is used for bulk importing by admins, and by certain integrations. It can be added later if necessary.
  5. Select the term this course will be part of. This does not affect the availability of the course itself.
  6. Click the Create Course button. NOTE: Once you have created your course it will show up on the My Courses page as a “draft” until it has been published.

Publishing a Course

Usually, you'll want to fill out your course with Sessions, Coursework, and other handy Kannu features before publishing. When you are ready to publish your course, navigate to Settings (in the Course Info tab). Select Publish in the course status module, and your course will be submitted for publishing. Once an admin approves your course, you'll be all set.

*NOTE: Instructor roles will allow you to publish/unpublish courses as needed. However, to avoid accidental loss of information and content, actually deleting courses is restricted to Admin users. Send a request to your Kannu admin if you need a course deleted.

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