Courses Help

Adaptive Mode

As an instructor, you can set a course to be in Adaptive Mode. This lets students take a self-guided pace through your course. Here are the differences between Scheduled (default) and Adaptive courses:
  1. Adaptive courses have no dates on sessions and coursework.
  2. All published sessions are immediately visible to enrolled students.
  3. All Coursework becomes immediately visible to enrolled students. By associating coursework to sessions, you can establish groups of coursework to a session
  4. Coursework due dates are still suggested (one week from the completion of the previous sequential coursework). Students will be directly informed that they are only suggestions, and can be turned off in their account settings.
To set your course to Adaptive Mode, go to the course's Nav Bar > Course Info > Settings. From there you'll be able to set your course to Adaptive. NOTE: You will not be able to make a course Adaptive (or change it back to Scheduled mode) once it has been published.