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Modules & Badges


Modules let you sequence course activities like Sessions and Coursework into a directional linear flow for learners to complete. Modules enable learners to track their progress through a course and you can configure modules to distribute badges upon completion.

Modules essentially create a path through which students go through a course. Modules can be easily organized using the drag and drop Module designer. Activities within the modules can also be reordered by drag and drop.

Use Modules to:

  • Organize course content and activities including sessions, coursework, and resources
  • Create prerequisites that learners must complete before moving on in a course (e.g. completing the activities in Module A is a prerequisite to move on to the activities in Module B)
  • Track student progress through a sequence of learning activities
  • Automatically award badges upon completion

To enable Modules on your course, navigate to Course Info in the left navigation bar, and select Settings. Once in your Course Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page in the General tab, and switch on

To create a module, click on ‘Add Module’:

  1. Add a name for the module

  2. Add an activity (session, coursework or resource)

    1. Optional: Use the options checkbox Completion Required to mark an activity as required. Note: if a module (Module A) is a configured as a prerequisite to another module (Module B), the learner will not be able to progress on to the Module B until they have completed all required activities in Module A.

      1. If completion is required, choose the completion criteria: Session: page viewed or scrolled through.

    2. Save

  3. Optional: Select Issue Badge on Completion (note that Badges must be uploaded in Course Info -> Badges) before they will appear here to be selected.

  4. Lastly, don’t forget to save

Now you’ve created your first module, you’re ready to create another. The only thing that will be different this time around is that you can add Prerequisites to new modules that you create. Prerequisites are other modules that need to be completed before the learner can start the activities in this module. For example, you might choose to make the previous Module we created, let’s call it “Week 1”, a prerequisite of the new module, “Week 2”.

Below you will see an instructor view of Modules:

Here is what your students will see as they progress through modules. Once a module is completed, it will turn green.



To begin authoring badges, simply navigate to Course Info in the left-hand navigation and select Badges. To create a new badge:

  1. Click on the + button

  2. Add a Name for the Badge

  3. Optional, add a description

  4. Upload the badge image (accepted files types: .svg, .jpg, .jpeg, .png)

  5. Lastly, save!

You can upload badges in any shape or size but we recommend you follow a consistent badge design pattern that will display nicely in a grid format on the learner’s profile/portfolio. In the future, we hope to support the OpenBadge standard, and so you may want to follow OpenBadge designs. There are also some great (and free!) badge designer tools out there that you may want to use:

  1. (Free to design badges)




Once a student completes a module that will be awarding a badge based on completion, the badge will be awarded within a couple of minutes. Students can access their Badges via their Profile & Portfolio in the Badges tab.